How to watch UFC 229: McGregor vs Khabib fight

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How to watch UFC 229?

Audiences in the US will be able to watch the UFC 229 prelims on FX and UFC Fight Pass, the UFC’s official streaming network Part of the event may be streamed on the FOX Sports GO app, but further details will be known closer to fight night

The main pay-per-view event will be carried on a number of networks including UFC TV, Prime Video pay-per-view, and AT&T U-verse A full list is available on the UFC website here

We will publish a link to watch online in the US as and when one becomes available

BT Sport will continue airing UFC in the UK until the end of the year, and therefore still has the rights to broadcast UFC 229 — arguably the last monster show before Eleven Sports succeed BT Sport as the go-to UK broadcaster for UFC fights

We will publish a link to watch online in the UK as and when one becomes available on BT Sport

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Why should I watch?
To put it quite simply — because this fight involves Conor McGregor, a comeback story, and an undefeated champion in Nurmagomedov

But allow us to elaborate First of all, McGregor is involved You know him, we know him, everybody knows him He’s known for his flashy lifestyle, an unrivalled trash-talk that sees him spare no soul — not even Richard Branson — and for controversial antics that include an in-cage meltdown

But none of us would know McGregor if it were not for the thing that made him famous in the first place — his instinctive kicks and his fists of fury that have rendered many an opponent unconscious McGregor is one of the most elite fighters in UFC, and he returns for the first time in almost two years in October

Here’s what time the UFC 229 fight between Nurmagomedov and McGregor is expected to start in major cities across different time zones on Saturday, October 6

London (BST): 3 a m (Sunday)
New York (ET): 10 p m
Chicago (CT): 9 p m
Denver (MT): 8 p m
Las Vegas (PT): 7 p m
Los Angeles (PT): 7 p m
Honolulu (HAST): 4 p m
Sydney (AET): 1 p m (Sunday)
Tokyo (JST): 11 a m (Sunday)
Moscow (MSK): 5 a m (Sunday)
Paris (CEST): 4 a m (Sunday)

When is UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor?
UFC 229 will be a festival of fights as the event card features 12 bouts in total Nurmagomedov and McGregor are the headline attraction and their fight for the UFC lightweight championship belt is due to take place on October 6, 2018

The main show will begin at 4 p m in Las Vegas, which means a 7 p m start if you live in New York If you are in London, then expect to tune in at midnight However, the Nurmagomedov vs McGregor fight will start approximately three hours after this (potentially a lot later if the 11 previous bouts all go the distance)

McGregor vs Khabib Live Stream:

How to watch UFC 229 online for FREE

There are two main ways you can live stream McGregor vs Khabib in the UK

UFC fans will probably be familiar with the UFC Fight Pass, which costs just £5 99/$9 99 a month for all the live UFC fights you can handle, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes content like training videos Or, you can commit to a 6-month contract for just £5 49/$8 99 a month, or bag a 12-month deal and pay just £4 99/$7 99 a month Pretty much all modern devices are supported, including Android and iOS smartphones tablets, as well as laptops, consoles, and set-top boxes

Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? It is indeed – but there’s an even better one

The best thing about UFC Fight Pass is that it offers a free 7-day trial, which means you can activate yours and legally live stream McGregor vs Khabib for free – as well as watching all the other UFC 229 bouts wherever you are (though geographic restrictions may be in place, there’s a perfectly legal workaround to help you get access to the official UFC Fight Pass stream, which we’ll discuss shortly)
Get Deal: Start your FREE 7-day UFC Fight Pass trial
The other option is to watch UFC 229 on BT Sport 1 in the UK BT Sport has a companion app for smartphones, tablets and computers, and existing subscribers can find the app they need to live stream McGregor vs Khabib here

Alternatively, those interested in picking up a BT Sport package can find all the latest deals here, but we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this if you only want to watch McGregor vs Khabib and UFC 229 – there are more cost-effective options to tune in to the big fight, as we’ve outlined above

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